cover of jav hmn-452 by mizuki yayoi

In an abandoned school, Mizuki chose to live alone, haunted by memories of her boyfriend, Dachi, who had tragically passed away. Hajime, a childhood friend who hadn't seen her in years, paid her a visit. Mizuki had become the caretaker of the empty school, and their reunion brought back a flood of bittersweet memories.

Despite the solitude, Mizuki wasn't lonely as she diligently maintained the school. Hajime offered to help her clean up, sparking playful banter and a brief basketball game. They reminisced about Dachi's mysterious death in the school pool and their lingering questions about it.

As the day ended, Hajime asked Mizuki if she wanted to leave the school and live with him, offering a chance for a fresh start. Mizuki, reflecting on her past and uncertain about the future, smiled and expressed her gratitude for his visit. It was a small step towards leaving the haunting memories behind and embracing a new chapter in their lives together.

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